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clarity package

This is for those of you who need guidance, but have decided not to hire an event planner. The goal of this package is to create clarity in your mind as you continue this planning journey. I will be giving you the tools you need to succeed with ease and confidence.

  • I email you a questionnaire that you fill out prior to our zoom call

    • This will help us pinpoint exactly where the struggle is

    • You can include any questions on here that you may want to ask me

  • We have a 90 minute zoom call

    • We go through a series of questions to bring out the vision that is already inside of you

    • Problem solving and research

    • We discuss design and next steps

  • I create a vision board for your event

  • I create a next steps template so you have a clear plan of action

  • You can text or voice clip me anytime for 1 week after our call

  • You execute your dream event like a badass

what exactly will this look like?
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