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will you marry me experience

Create an intimate engagement experience that will forever be a landmark in your love story. 

  • We have a few conversations about your vision 

    • If you have no clue THAT’S OKAY! We’ll figure it out!

    • If you have a very specific vision, YAY! We can do this!

  • We discuss what you are wanting to invest into this experience

  • I give you a few design options

    • We customize these for your specific needs/wants

  • I schedule everything (vendors, florals, photographer, etc.)

  • I set up for the day of 

  • You show up and get that W!

what exactly will this look like?
say yes...
...Back in April over Easter weekend I worked up the nerve to ask my now fiancé, Hannah, to marry me. Believe it or not she said yes!

Believe it or not... that was the only thing about that day I had to worry about. A month or so before then I was talking to Niky regarding her Engagement Package and about what I had in mind for proposing to Hannah. She took what I had envisioned and ran with it. She handled almost everything. From scheduling the location at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens to getting us a reservation at LULO kitchen. It made so I really only had one thing to do. Get down on one knee, not crease my sneakers, and ask an amazing woman to spend the rest of our lives together.

Niky did a phenomenal job understanding who Hannah was and what would help make this occasion as perfect as possible for both of us. She took Hannah's love for the outdoors, plants, and her free spirited-ness and pulled it all together in one moment we will never forget. For that, I am forever grateful. So from both me and Hannah, thank you so much!

JH - Canton, OH

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