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Tea at Grandma's

When I started Niky Miller Events in February 2023 my mind was set on weddings. A whole lot of stringed quartets, late night nosh and sparkler send offs. And then I was standing in my grandma's dining room going through her gorgeous collection of tea sets, she was letting each of us grandkids choose something special to take home, and I said, "We should have a tea party!" And since I typically move from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds, by the time I left her house that afternoon the vision was already dancing in my mind. 

Grandma's front porch (the one we used to spit off of to see who could get it the farthest...good times as a wild 8-year-old) with wildflowers. A slight breeze and the sound of birds chirping. Beautiful food that begs to be oohed and ahhed at.

Delicious, comfort food because we also like to EAT and be FULL. A variety of teas to sweeten and sample. Some wild stories about toddlers loudly throwing the word "penis" around. Some giggling because one guest misread the invitation and arrives an hour late. Photos with grandma, aunts and cousins that will be treasured always. 

The beautiful (also highly frustratingly maddening) part about life is that it tends to take our ideas and transform them into something we never even thought imaginable.

As an event planner, I can strategize and organize and ostracize ( just rhymed). but I am continuously humbled at the magic that happens when you curate a space to be practical and beautiful, setting the stage for the guests that are close to your heart, and seeing the love that shows up. You can't force it. You can't make it happen. It flows. It blooms. It feels safe and then shows its beautiful face. 

Concept, Event Planning and Management: Niky Miller Events

Design: Niky Miller Events and Simply Beautiful Spaces @simply_beautiful_spaces

Gourmet Teas: Gnat and Bee

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