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Julia is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Ohio and Florida. She has been taking photos professionally for 7 years. Not only is she an adventurous photographer, she is also a wife and mama who values the importance of capturing life's moments - big or small!

Gather and Grow is a 4-hour, hands-on workshop designed to give you the knowledge and expertise to confidently capture and edit photos with your iPhone. Hosted at the Forest Lane Venue in Beach City, Ohio on May 10, 2024, Julia will cover everything from basic iPhone camera settings to editing with the #1 editing app, Lightroom. 

The event outline is as follows -

Understanding iPhone camera basics

  • Camera basics and settings

  • Learning how lighting and exposure effects your photos

  • Understanding perspective and angles

  • Enabling grid lines and leveling features 

Self portrait tips and tricks

  • Learn to properly adjust exposure or photos

  • Achieving consistency in your photos

  • Tips and examples posing for solo portraits or with a partner

  • Introduction to helpful camera apps to maximize your self portrait quality

Introduction to photo editing tools

  • Importing and utilizing lightroom presets

  • Preset consistency and editing styles

  • A deep dive into the ins and outs of the #1 photo editing app, Lightroom

  • Maintaining photo quality when saving and sharing photos

During the ticket purchasing process, choose a preset, from the above selections, that best fits your personal style. In the past, have you been frustrated when using a preset and your photo doesn't end up looking like the preset example photos? Julia will explain how to upload your preset onto the Lightroom app and how to actually get your photo to look like the preset.   

During the Lunch and Photo portion of the day, get real time experience with the Forest Lane Venue as your backdrop. Ask questions as they arise and receive hands-on assistance from Julia.

This workshop is for you, if you are wanting to take your iPhone photography to the next level. Gather and Grow is perfect for

  • influencers 

  • small business owners wanting to take quality photos for marketing

  • social media marketers

  • mothers or grandmothers who would like to capture beautiful photos of their loved ones

  • beginner photographers wanting to utilize their iPhone camera capabilities

  • anyone who would like to become confident and capable with their iPhone camera and editing skills

Learn to create a cohesive social media feed, website, photo album. gallery wall, etc. 

These photos were taken by Julia with her iPhone and edited using the Airy Preset.
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